Spinning solution in HollowFiber

hollow fiber
Spinning solution in Hollow Fiber Spinning solution in Hollow Fiber is done in two ways such as wet spinning and dry spinning. Dry spinning: When we have a volatile solvent and thermoset polymer, we perform the dry spinning method.
In this course, we first dissolve the polymer in the solvent and after removing the impurities, we pass it through the filament maker. After passing through the filament maker, these fibers are in solution form which must be solidified. Therefore, the polymer solvent must be evaporated for extraction.

Spinning solution in Hollow Fiber

By heating it, the solvent is removed so we can cool it. Cooling should be gradual. The stretching areas in the dry spinning method are between the pick-up roller and the feeding pump.
Acetate and acrylic are produced in this way.Wet spinning: In this method, the solvent is not volatile and its extraction is done in the coagulation bath.
After coming out of the fibers, the fiber is in solution form and it is removed in the solvent coagulation bath so the fiber becomes solid. Acrylic and viscose can also be produced in this way.
Polyester Hollow Fiber Polyester Hollow Fiber is a suitable substitute for natural threads and cotton which have many usages. These fibers have different types.
also they have different benefits based on the characteristics of the raw materials and the production method. Polyester is actually a type of polymers that contain ester groups. Polyester fibers are widely used in various factories and industries which are used to produce different products.

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