Synthetic cotton hollow fibers

الیاف توخالی پنبه مصنوعی

Synthetic cotton hollow fibers Synthetic cotton fibers are actually synthetic fibers made from polyester. They are called synthetic cotton because of their similarity in appearance to cotton.

Synthetic cotton fibers are transparent and white in color and have great flexibility. Synthetic cotton has a significant volume. It is widely used in filling industries. The most important usage of this product is to use it in the production of the things that need a good filler, such as: The production of various types of pillows, sofa backs, different types of dolls and sleeping bags.

Synthetic cotton hollow fibers

The products which are filled with synthetic cotton fibers, are completely hygienic, flexible, soft and full of volume. They also are anti-mold, anti-fungal, washable and affordable. How is Hollow Fiber madeIn general, it should be said that synthetic fibers or man-made Hollow Fiber are produced by different methods.

Among the most important methods of fiber production, we can mention: Melt spinning, wet spinning, dry spinning and gel spinning. The constituent material of this fiber is in liquid form, which is the result of the dissolution of a solid substance in a solvent or the molten of a polymer. They pass through the holes of a thread maker with constant pressure. After leaving the thread maker, the fibers become solid. This stage is coagulation and makes the basis of the work of the mentioned methods. Synthetic cotton hollow fibers

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