The visit of the Honorable Chairman of Industry and Mining Organization of Qom Province to the factory of Tondgooyan Industrial Group

دکتر محمد حسین قاسملو

Visiting Tondgooyan factory

ExcellencyEngineer Mohammadi and accompanying panel, in history ۲۱ January ۱۴۰۱ while visiting Tondgooyan Industrial Group factory، About the horizons The future and future plans of this production unit with the managers of this Industrial group to the conversation they paid. Dear CEO Tondgooyan Industrial GroupDuring this visit, Dr. Ghasemlou explained the long-term plans of this company in the field of paying more attention to the fiber market, market development and export to neighboring countries.. Also, in this several-hour meeting, the respected CEO of Tondgooyan Industrial Group with Bayan Difficulties Due to the existence of cruel sanctions, they requested the relevant authorities to deal with this matter as soon as possible..

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