Holding the third meeting of Tendgovian industrial group with the presence of employees and their respected families

دکتر محمد حسین قاسملو

The third meeting of the tondgooyan industrial group of Qom

According to the public relations report of Tondgooyan Industrial Group, this Celebration with the presence and speech of Dr. GhasemlouThe CEO of Tondgooyan Industrial Group and all employees and their families started.

In this ceremony, where happy programs such as music performances, special fun programs of juggling group and comic performances were held, respected personnel and their families spent unforgettable hours together.

In this ceremony, Dr. Ghasemlou thanked and appreciated all the personnel as well as her family for their comprehensive cooperation. Dr. Ghasemlou expressed the purpose of holding this celebration to respect the cohesion and consolidation of the family foundation in this industrial group, as well as joy and happiness among the personnel and honoring the respected personnel and said: The implementation of such programs increases the sense of cooperation and cheerfulness among colleagues, and paying attention to the mental health of the personnel is very important in their proper functioning.

In this ceremony, while different competitions were held for the children and employees, gifts were given to them, and exemplary personnel of this industrial group were also honored for their sincere service in 1401.

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