The visit of the Honorable Chairman of Industry and Mining Organization of Qom Province to the factory of Tondgooyan Industrial Group

دکتر محمد حسین قاسملو

Visiting Tondgooyan factory ExcellencyEngineer Mohammadi and accompanying panel, in history ۲۱ January ۱۴۰۱ while visiting Tondgooyan Industrial Group factory، About the horizons The future and future plans of this production unit with the managers of this Industrial group to the conversation they paid. Dear CEO Tondgooyan Industrial GroupDuring this visit, Dr. Ghasemlou explained the long-term […]

Honoring the exemplary exporters of Qom province in 1400

تجلیل از صادرکنندگان نمونه استان قم در سال ۱۴۰۰

that with the presencethat with the presence Mr. Shahcheraghi, Governor of Qom, officials of Samat organization, activists economic, top producers and exporters of the province were held. In this event, which is hosted Qom Chamber of Commerceheld, Tandgovian Industrial GroupSucceeded to get the award of the best exporter Qom province in 1400to earn Ceremony of […]

Opening of the bottle recycling production line

خط تولید گروه صنعتی تندگویان

The production line for recycling bottles and disposable containers of Tendgoyan Leaf Company with a capacity of 1500 kg per hour was launched. This consumption line will supply a part of the company’s polyester fiber production line. With the mentioned production line, we can recycle waste plastics and turn them into valuable and useful products […]

Sending the first export shipment to Turkey

The first export shipment of Tondgooyan Lif fibers was sent to the Turkish market. After the initial production and sending the products of Tondgooyan Lif Qom collection to the domestic markets, today the company’s first export shipment weighing 170 tons was sent to Turkey. After the initial production and sending the products of Tondgooyan Lif […]

The general manager of the provincial cooperative visited the factory

Secretary General of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare of Qom Province visited Nizar Cement Company and Tondgooyan Lif. General Secretary of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare, Mr. Nasraleh Bazondaz, made a visit to the industrial unit of Tondgooyan Lif textile fiber production. It should be mentioned that this company has been implemented with an investment […]

Minister of Industry’s visit to tondgooyan fiber factory

Honorable Minister of Industry and Mines, Mr. Engineer Nematzadeh, visited the production lines of Tondgooyan Lif. After the start of commercial production of hollow and solid polyester short fibers in Tondgooyan Lift factories and its supply to domestic and foreign markets, the Honorable Minister of Industry and Mines Mr. Engineers Nematzadeh visited the production lines […]

The re-opening of Tendgovian fiber factory

بازگشایی مجدد کارخانه الیاف تندگویان با حضور استاندار قم، رئیس بانک صنعت و معدن کشور و جمعی از فعالان اقتصادی  کارخانه الیاف تندگویان لیف مورد بهره برداری مجدد قرار گرفت. With the presence of the governor of Qom along with the head of the country’s Sanat and Mine Bank and a […]