The general manager of the provincial cooperative visited the factory

Secretary General of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare of Qom Province visited Nizar Cement Company and Tondgooyan Lif.

General Secretary of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare, Mr. Nasraleh Bazondaz, made a visit to the industrial unit of Tondgooyan Lif textile fiber production.

It should be mentioned that this company has been implemented with an investment volume of over 100 billion Rials and with the aim of producing polyester fibers through the recycling of PET bottles.
For the implementation of the mentioned plan, one million and 800 thousand euros of foreign exchange facilities and 18 billion Rials of Rial facilities from Sanat and Mining Bank of the province were used, and in addition, 18 billion Rials of working capital facilities were allocated to the said plan, and with its opening, 62 people were employed. has been created.

While thanking the good management of this industrial complex, he expressed his hope that with the support of the relevant authorities on the issue of production and employment, such plans can be expanded in the province.

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