Considering the amazing price of the hollow polyester fibers

tondgoyan fiber company

hollow polyester Tondgooyan Fiber Company provides different kinds of fibers at the amazing price of the hollow polyester fibers of Tondgooyan Fiber. Knowing about the amazing price of the hollow polyester fibers of Tondgoyan Fiber To consider the amazing price of the hollow polyester fibers of Tondgooyan Fiber, you should know about the fibers industry. […]

What is the difference between solid and hollow fibers?

between solid and hollow fibers

To talk about the difference between solid and hollow fibers, you should know that; the production of chemical fibers has a great influence on the development of the textile industry – the range of fabrics is significantly expanded, their properties are improved, new types of fabrics are created due to a mixture of various fibers, […]

Effect of Hollow Polyester Fibers on Mechanical Properties of Knitted Wool/Polyester Fabrics

Abstract The physical and mechanical characteristics of hollow polyester fibers  were compared with solid polyester fibers  in order to establish their processing behaviour and performance characteristics. The effects of hollow fibers  on fabric properties were investigated by using microscopy and tests of tensile and bursting strength, pilling, abrasion resistance, water vapour permeability, and handle.The results […]

Hollow fibers and textile articles comprising same

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Hollow fibers having a thickness of 0.11 to 8.89 d tex (0.1 to 8.0 denier), a hollow volume (a cross-sectional area ratio of hollow to fiber) of 40 to 85%, and a crystallization degree of 20% or more and crystal size in (0 1 0) plane of 4 nm or more of polyester, has a […]

Metric Hollow Fiber

Metric Hollow Fiber

Metric Hollow Fiber Metric fibers are one of the types of synthetic fibers and are produced in metric form on a consistent, smooth and regular surface. These fibers are produced in different thicknesses and sizes. Every type of thickness is also used in a specific industry. Metric fibers are soft and flexible and are white in […]

Buying fibers

Buying fibers

Type of raw material Natural fibers have a natural origin which are usually protein or cellulose. But in contrast to them, the artificial type is man-made and built of chemicals. Buying fibers The vibrancy of natural fibers Natural hollow fiber are alive. Which means that their molecules expand with heat and create a feeling of […]

Characteristics of Hollow Fiber

Characteristics of Hollow Fiber

Characteristics of Hollow Fiber Among the properties of these fibers, we can mention that all synthetic fibers are very  similar to each other. Experienced experts in this field are needed to distinguish these fibers from each other. These fibers are durable and have a long lasting. It should also be said that these fibers have […]

Spinning by liquid crystal method in Hollow Fiber

Spinning by liquid

In this method, Hollow fiber with high efficiency can be produced by spinning by liquid crystalline polymers. This process is done by dissolving the polymer in the solvent or by heating the polymer to a temperature higher than melting or transfering glass. Spinning by liquid Liquid crystal polymer chains in the form of rods can […]

Hollow Fiber production method

Hollow Fiber production method

As we said, there are different methods to produce these fibers. In the following, we will get acquainted with other methods: Hollow Fiber production method Natural and synthetic fibers Electrospinning in Hollow Fiber The idea of the electrospinning method is based on the external electric field. It is used  for charged melts and fluids. This […]

Synthetic cotton hollow fibers

الیاف توخالی پنبه مصنوعی

Synthetic cotton hollow fibers Synthetic cotton fibers are actually synthetic fibers made from polyester. They are called synthetic cotton because of their similarity in appearance to cotton. Synthetic cotton fibers are transparent and white in color and have great flexibility. Synthetic cotton has a significant volume. It is widely used in filling industries. The most […]