Metric Hollow Fiber

Metric Hollow Fiber

Metric Hollow Fiber Metric fibers are one of the types of synthetic fibers and are produced in metric form on a consistent, smooth and regular surface.

These fibers are produced in different thicknesses and sizes. Every type of thickness is also used in a specific industry. Metric fibers are soft and flexible and are white in color. It has a puffy and hollow texture and is offered in forms of rolls and arches.

Also, among the characteristics of these fibers, we can mention being light and transparent, soft and flexible, odorless and hypoallergenic, hygienic and durable, washable, having reasonable price, and not changing their shape after long-term use.

Metric Hollow Fiber

These fibers are used in sleeping goods, filtration industry, clothing industry and furniture making. Carpet fibers Hollow Fiber in carpets The threads used in carpet weaving are divided into two categories: Natural and synthetic. Synthetic fibers in carpets are made from petroleum materials.

Among the most common fibers, we can mention: acrylic, nylon thread, polygroline, polyester and viscose. Of course, viscose is one of the synthetic recycled fibers that does not have an acceptable quality.

Therefore, viscose is not a suitable option for this process. Three types of thread can be used in the production of machine-made carpets: Warp thread and weft thread. The warp thread in machine-made carpets is usually made of polyester, cotton, or a combination of both.

The weft thread that holds the warp thread in the carpet is made of jute, polyester or cotton. Hollow Fiber in doll making Synthetic fibers used in doll making have good filling properties. These fibers have a light, voluminous, transparent and white structure.

They are also compatible with children’s skin and are hypoallergenic. The fibers in the doll have properties such as: Being fluffy, light, soft and delicate, machine and hand washable, anti-allergy, hygienic and antibacterial, dried quickly, cheap and having low weight even when they are wet. These fibers are sold in two types of simple and round shaped at a reasonable price by Tondgooyan Fiber.

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