Recycled Pet flakes



Recycled Pet flakes

Mesh size

12، 14، 16


150 to 300 ppm


White, gentle blue, green etc.

Washing Type:

Hot water and chemical washing


Production of polyester fibers



My data is a collection that you can see in a dozen that you can read. I lost a piece of linoleum, a screw and … in a dozen, and in a dozen of any size, it could not be changed. By going to a copper pet in the event of a gasket, check between a fresh pet and a dozen pet in the shape of his room. Gagzini Barak Pit with a dozen of the first in order to store black crops, buy a tray and generate it, and direct it to any of the most important pits. Install the desired hash, by using a suitable method, using other hard reinforcing materials and types of sealing and resistant means, in order to generate a pattern.