White solid fibers

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White solid fibers

Polyester fibers

Polyester fibers are produced in polyester factories. The raw materials required for the production of these fibers are mainly dimethyl terephthalate, ethylene glycol or EG, which are converted into polyester during various processes. Catalyst, heat and finishing are part of the operations performed on these raw materials, after which these synthetic fibers are prepared and sent for the use of spinning factories.
Polyester has characteristics including: Very high tearing force, good elasticity, abrasion resistance, very good optical stability, high resistance to mineral and organic acids. Wrinkled and non-felted polyester fibers also do not shrink, and these fibers are easily washed and dry quickly.

Types of polyester fibers:
Solid fibers, hollow fibers, hollow fibers:
One of the types of polyester fiber is hollow fiber, which is mostly used in filling industries. These fibers are one of the best choices for filling sleeping items, mattresses and furniture cushions and filling all kinds of dolls.

Solid fibers: Solid fibers

Bulk fiber is bulky and dense, which has many applications in various industries, among these industries, the following are the most popular options:
Carpet industry, machine carpet industry, production of all kinds of moisture insulation, production of all kinds of filters, production of all types of lay production, rope production, filter production, solid polyester fibers in carpet making
One of the important industries in which the production of solid fibers plays an important role is the carpet industry. Today, polyester fibers have taken the place of natural fibers due to their superiority over other fibers. Carpets made of solid fibers have many advantages. is.

Among these advantages, the following can be mentioned:
High resistance to staining, high flexibility, anti-sensitivity and allergy, anti-mold and bacteria, and reasonable price compared to other washing products, easy to clean, soft and smooth, low weight, has the characteristics of natural wool fibers.

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