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About Us

Tondgooyan Lif Manufacturing Group was registered in year 1388 (Persian calendar) in Qom city, Iran. Tondgooyan manufacturing company which today has been known with brand of “Tondgooyan Lif”, began its activities from running Pet Recycling production line and continue its activities by running polyester staple fiber line for producing high quality 3d Hollow and Solid Staple fiber from both recycle and virgin material. Based on the assessments, market research and emerging markets, prime phase of Tondgooyan, ran by investing over 250 billion Rials purchasing latest technology in polyester industry from China. Tondgooyan manufacturing company has located in Salafchegan industrial zone (Qom Province) in center of Iran. Tondgooayn Polyester Staple Fiber Production line (that using raw material from recycled pets to standard high quality one) started its test running in winter 1391 but in the next year, namely 1392, it continues its productions with full capacity to meet all needs, from domestic markets to regional and global ones(most global customers belong to Turkey and Iraq). Tondgooayn focus on keep the old customer by supplying high quality products as well as comparable price and hope for expanding its customers as more as it can support.